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Episode 5: The Wolf and the Lion

An ode to Jory Cassel (played by Jamie Sives)

*Please be aware that this review contains spoilers for Episode 5, but not for GRRM’s first book, A Game of Thrones.*

When you play a board game for the first time, you start with a box wrapped in plastic. You can see through the plastic to get a sense of what the game entails: You can read the title, you can sometimes see what the pieces look like, and you can maybe read a quick blurb about the general purpose of the game.

After pulling the plastic away, you have a box. Take off the cover and you can take out the pieces- the board, the player markers, cards, props and whatever else may be necessary for gameplay. You then set up the game and get ready to start. But before you play, you need to familiarize yourself with what you’re getting into. You need to know the rules.

“The Wolf and the Lion,” Episode 4 of Game of Thrones, was our instruction manual for just that- the game of thrones. We unwrapped the box in episode one, and since then we’ve set up the game. We laid out our board and got familiar with our starting points. We took out our pieces and got to know our characters. And tonight we learned how to play.

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What’s in a Name? STARK Edition

*This post contains spoilers for all four ASOIAF books; please do not continue beyond the cut if you are wary of book spoilers.* 

Some parents choose their children’s names because of their meanings. Others simply choose names they like and never bother with the significance. The name may end up fitting the child, or it may end up having an arbitrary meaning that doesn’t relate at all to the personality the child develops. Parents, when choosing a name, never know how their child will turn out.

Authors, meanwhile, do possess this knowledge before or during the naming process. George Martin, the father of ASOIAF, has a cast of hundreds of characters, all of whom he got to name. But what do characters’ names say about them? Do the meanings of their names match up with their personalities or deeds? In this article I will examine the etymologies of the names of several characters from the series and will analyze if and how the name fits with the character.

For this first batch, I have selected what is arguably the central family of ASOIAF: House Stark.

Note:  All first names were researched using Behind the Name: The Etymology of History and First Names, unless otherwise cited.

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