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I consider myself a person of many interests, a lot of which don’t always seem to match one another.  But I recently relished the opportunity to merge two of my obsessions:  A Song of Ice and Fire and baking.  This can only mean one thing…lemoncakes!

Tom Colicchio created the Westerosi (and Pentoshi) menus for the Game of Thrones food truck campaign, and his lemoncakes were truly delectable.  Each day I visited the truck I found myself not wanting to finish my lemoncake just so there’d be the possibility of another bite in front of me.  So after that experience, I knew Tom’s recipe was the one I wanted to use for my homemade lemoncakes.  The only change I made was that I used 2 oz. ramekins instead of 4 oz. ramekins, as I wanted to prepare smaller, “bite size” cakes.  If you’d like to see the recipe, you can do so here.

The recipe wasn’t too difficult, but it also wasn’t easy.  More than anything I’d say it was time-consuming.  It requires a lot of different steps, especially once the cakes go into the oven.  Also, the ingredients were more delicate than what I usually work with.  The egg whites had to be re-frothed if they sat too long, the lemons had to be zested just so, and the ramekins had to be buttered and sugared with just the right amounts of grease and sweet. And the hardest part by far was getting the cakes out of the ramekins; they either stuck, or the cake layer separated from the custardy layer.

Ramekins prepared with butter and sugar.

Results under the cut. See how they came out…


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