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Portraits: The Silent Sisters

The connection between the Sisters and this painting is more abstract than it is literal.  In fact, the painting is allegedly composed of seven different poses by the same young model, Sargent’s niece.  The cashmere shawl is perhaps a bit ornate for the Silent Sisters, especially considering their work.  But this painting has a certain mystical quality about it.  The composition reminds me of the classic pose of the Three Graces, but there are seven figures instead of three (fitting when you consider Westerosi religion).  The muted colors and hazy focus suggest a sense of quiet.  The figures may not match exactly to GRRM’s description of the Sisters, but in the painting I sense the same spirit I picked up on in the book.

Cashmere (1908)
John Singer Sargent
American (born Florence 1856 – 1925 died London)
oil on canvas
Bill Gates Collection

What do you think? Do you get a Silent Sisters vibe or do you just see girls in shawls?


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