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Portraits: Brienne of Tarth

Very few artworks of armored women who fit Brienne’s bill exist.  They’re all doe-eyed, wispy ingenues wearing a breastplate over a dress, or anime/video game-ish girls wearing…well, not too much armor at all.  But this painting by English painter Annie Swynnerton reminded me of Brienne.  The girl (Joan of Arc) isn’t particularly pretty.  She’s large and manly looking, with broad shoulders, a thick neck and a full face.  Her skin is ruddy and her hair does not look particularly luscious.  On a deeper level, I see Brienne in Joan’s solemn plea to all that is good and holy to help her complete her oath.  For Joan, that was delivering France from the English.  For Brienne, it’s delivering the Stark sisters from the Lannisters.

And the rainbow in the background?  Let us not forget Brienne got started as a knight in Renly Baratheon’s Rainbow Guard!

Joan of Arc (exact date unknown)
Annie Louisa Swynnerton
English (born 1844 – 1933 died)
oil on canvas
Private Collection

Feel free to comment – do you see Brienne in this painting?  Or is it just another tribute to Joan of Arc?


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