The Kings’ Keep is a blog dedicated to George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.  At The Kings’ Keep, we strive to approach the ASOIAF fandom in relation to all the other various parts of fans’ lives.  We want to bring you enjoyable and informative content that relates to topics ranging from engineering to fashion to a good ol’ dose of fanperson sillyness.  So if lemoncakes head off your recipe repertoire, welcome.  If you refer to your dog as a direwolf, welcome.  If you’ve ever been shopping and thought, “Those are such Dothraki sandals,” then welcome to The Kings’ Keep!  We hope you enjoy your stay!

For additional ASOIAF material from The Kings’ Keep, please visit us at tumblr.

To contact, email thekingskeep@gmail.com.


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  1. Just read your very well-done post in the Game of Thrones recap of ep 9 site. While everyone is arguing if Mr Williams video posts are real and other such ridiculous arguments, your complete review of the episode was most welcomed.

    Having read the books twice, I love the HBO version for what it is – an adaptation. It is excellent and I look forward to more of your reviews and looking over this site as well.

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