Portraits: The Sailor’s Wife

The idea for this set of posts came to me a few days ago when I was in The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I was waiting in line for a special exhibition and came across the painting below.  The woman’s forlorn look, the net and the sea in the background made me think of the Sailor’s Wife, a prostitute in the Happy Port of Braavos who makes all of her customers marry her before she beds them.  Her true love was allegedly lost at sea, but whether or not this is a literal or metaphorical explanation is still unclear (and there are in fact fan theories that it’s one of our well-loved characters).  Because I thought of her when I saw this painting, I wondered if I would be able to find ASOIAF characters in other works.  I’m going to post my findings here in my “Portraits” series.

Graziella (1878)
Jules-Joseph Lefebvre
French (born Tournan 1836 – 1912 died Paris)
oil on canvas
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


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