With the hour of the Game of Thrones premiere upon us, it seems hard to believe I’ve been following the production of this show for so long.  Never before have I so eagerly anticipated any television debut.  Considering the circumstances, I’ve decided to countdown my five favorite Game of Thrones moments leading up the big moment.

5.  Peter Dinklage is Tyrion Lannister

Several years ago, before I had ever touched a George R.R. Martin book, a friend of mine told me about an epic fantasy series called A Song of Ice and Fire.  He listed all the reasons I should read the series and told me how the books may be adapted for television.  He also went on and on about this actor Peter Dinklage, and how he HAD to play Tyrion Lannister, a dwarf who featured as one of the story’s main characters. None of this meant anything to me at the time, but my friend’s confidence in Peter as Tyrion always stuck with me.  He has always been Tyrion in my mind, and after I finally read the books and learned he indeed had been cast, I thought back to my first ever exposure to ASOIAF and just felt as though everything had come full circle.

4.  Direwolf Puppies

As a fervent admirer of cute things, and a zealous proponent of direwolves, seeing the puppies for the first time was a big highlight for me.  The photo of Bran and Robb holding them immediately became my desktop.

3.  Maisie Williams Cast as Arya Stark

Arya has a complex, heavy storyline, so it was important that HBO got her just right.  From the minute I first saw Maisie as Arya, I knew they’d found the perfect girl.  She was fantastic without any speaking lines in her intro in the first episode preview, and she has garnered praise in nearly every review I’ve read.  Now give her an Emmy!

2.  The First Full Trailer

We’d had teasers and clips, we’d had photos, write-ups and behind-the-scenes videos.  It seemed like we’d been given just about everything except a full trailer.  And then HBO gifted us with that two-minute and twenty-second gem that showed the Wall, the Starks, a fantastically smug Jaime, Viserys crazy eyes and so much more.  The first trailer isn’t even my favorite trailer, but it was a moment when I truly said to myself, “This is actually happening!”

1.  Game of Thrones Takes Manhattan

My friend and I spent a crazy week chasing Game of Thrones around the Big Apple.  It started when we visited the HBO Store to see the props display.  Upon entering, we abandoned all sense of composure and began to squeal in delight.  Our fangirlish excitement was so extreme the security guard was laughing at us and the employees began coming over to talk with us about the series.  We left with a GoT high, so you can imagine what happened when we came across a MASSIVE Ned Stark billboard in Times Square.  I think we confused Americans and tourists alike with the amount of pictures we took.  The high continued with several stops to the Game of Thrones food truck, a brilliant marketing strategy put together by HBO and Campfire with help from Tom Colicchio.  Not only did we sample some delicious Westerosi fare (lemoncakes!!), but we met some great people.  This ranks at the top of my list because it wasn’t just a trailer that I watched alone on my computer.  It was a gathering of people who shared a passion for the same thing.  And I realized just how lucky we fans were to have HBO on our side; throughout the entire lead-up to the premiere, HBO has always been pro-fan, and that makes this whole Game of Thrones experience remarkable.


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